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Basic 90-Minute Practice Plan

Crystal Lake Babe Ruth and Crystal Lake Little League began the Tournament Development Program (TDP) in 2014. Managers from both organizations
 created a basic practice plan together that Tournament Managers, 8U to 15U, could execute during our Winter Program indoors and our Summer Program outdoors. The plan includes basic elements each coach should emphasis during each drill. 


Basic Practice Routine
Dynamic Stretching- 10 Minutes

Throwing-15 Minutes
Agility/Strength Training - 15 Minutes

Water Break - 5 Minutes
4-5-6 Core Stations - 35 Minutes

Game or Competition - 10 Minutes

Dynamic Stretching

  • Arm circles
  • Upper body rotation
  • Shuffles
  • Slow High Knees
  • High Knees
  • Frankenstein
  • Butt kicks
  • Karaoke
  • Crab walk
  • Wheelbarrows

  • Wrist toss (on knees facing partner) (partner catches ball on the back of glove) 10ft.
  • Elbow toss (on knees facing partner) (partner catches ball on the back of glove) 15 ft.
  • Heel to target throw (standing position facing partner, heel turns in to target) (partner catches ball on the back of glove) 25 ft.
  • Step & Throw 25-35 ft.
  • Fielding Position Throw (player starts with ball and throwing hand in glove) 35-45 ft.
  • Fielding Position Throw Stretch Out to Long Toss/ 45 ft. to Infinity
  • Quick Exchange Throw (players move closer from long toss catching and throwing rapidly until they meet)
  • 3-Player cut drill

Agility and Stretching

  • Hurdler drills
  • Ladder drills
  • Use of heavy ball at ladder
  • Bare hand bucket drills
  • Fielding Push Ups (Fielder starts in push up position and pushes up to fielding position to field ball bare handed)
  • Shuffle drill
  • Cone drill
  • Sprints or over the shoulder ball sprint

Fielding and Core Drills

  • Fielding on knees (bring glove to ball)
  • Paddles
  • Popcorn
  • Charging to cones (bare hand or glove)
  • Short hops/Glove to chest
  • Backhands and Step to receive throw (1B or force play)
  • Face over base receiving throws
  • Double play soft hands (communication)

Hitting Core Drills

  • Heavy ball/double ball throws into net
  • Tee work (big balls (soccer, four-Square for younger kids)
  • Badminton Birdies
  • Heavy yellow balls
  • 15 ft. underhand toss in tunnel
  • Happy Gilmore
  • Mini-ball short toss (thin barrel bat)
  • 40 ft. overhand live in tunnel

Pitching Core Drills

  • Half distance throw to target
  • Long toss to target
  • Back step and drive
  • Back leg hop
  • Knee toss to target hand to ground
  • Cone target drill off the mound
  • 40 ft. throws off the mound (wind-up and stretch)

Catching Core Drills

  • Low pitch blocking
  • Directional hopping in crouch with heavy ball for older kids
  • Blocking pitches off plate
  • Moving body to receive at chest
  • Transferring ball to throwing position
  • One knee throw to pitcher
  • Plate pop ups and passed ball movement
  • 40 ft. snap throws to all bases

Base Running Core Drills

  • Dive back and track ball
  • Exploding position
    • Pop up slide
    • Secondary lead
    • Stealing read
    • Four corner drill
    • Tag up drill
    • Hit and Run Approach