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Program Introduction

Starting with the 2018 season, the Crystal Lake Babe Ruth Tournament Program will now be called Crystal Lake Ironmen

Playing for the Crystal Lake Ironmen is an opportunity to not only compete against teams in McHenry County, the Midwest, and around the World, but also a chance for players to develop leadership skills at the in-house level. We believe this dual team concept is an integral aspect to player development and leadership and want the players and parents to understand the true value our league requires for each level of competition.

During the 2020 tournament season, the Crystal Lake Ironmen program is again implementing a goal-based player development plan for all tournament players. The plan centers on three specific areas. The individual player’s plan will include their current strengths and weaknesses in each area. This will allow coaches to communicate with players about their progress and at the same time make each player more accountable for improving upon their specific goals.

The plan is also designed to give a player a chance to succeed beyond the standard statistical method used by most teams. It will demonstrate a player’s readiness for the next level of play as well as a measure of a success that is more reliable than just using categories like wins and losses, batting average and fielding percentage.


Goal-Based Coaching System

Crystal Lake Ironmen has a goal-based system for player growth that begins with each player establishing realistic and obtainable goals at the start of every baseball season. At least four goals are written out and measured throughout the year. One goal is set by the tournament manager as an area of achievement that will measure a player’s successful transition to the next level of baseball development. The player establishes one goal as an obtainable skill-building objective that will be accomplished during the season. Each player also receives a future objective that is an obtainable in one complete season. Finally, each player is given a team goal that provides a basis to measure team success beyond the simple statistical wins and losses method.


Using this goal-based system, all players should be able to measure individual and team success at any point throughout the season. When a goal is accomplished, the entire roster should discuss this achievement and help establish additional goals for the remainder of that season. By measuring success using an achievement-based system, players are rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the team.


This plan maximizes player’s strengths, improves weaknesses and
demands that every player provide as much effort and energy as his coach is contributing.